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Top 10 Cartoon MILFs

Cartoon MILFs are some of the hottest rule 34 creations the internet has given us, from Marge Simpson to Elastigirl (The Incredibles) the hot mommy’s keep giving. Below is a list of the hottest cartoon MILFs (judged based on the best cartoon porn comics).

10. Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Turner (Timmy’s mom from The Fairly odd Parents) deserves to be on this top 10 place. She’s thicc in all the right places, has a seductive personality AND her swimsuit still fits (quite well I might add). The only downside is there really isn’t many cartoon porn comics of her, feel free to make more and we’ll put her higher on this list.

9. Dexter’s Mom

Dexter’s mom didn’t really have a name, but the animators definitely knew what they were doing animating her, she’s a hot redhead that rule 34 artists made even hotter through all their different porn comics.

8. Susan Long

Susan Long is Jake Long’s mom from ‘American Dragon‘ and one of the only Asian MILFs in cartoon history. She does a great job picking up the slack however, with her great ass and seductive eyes, Susan Long deserves a place in the top 10 hottest Cartoon MILFs.

7. Francine Smith

Francine Smith is the hot blonde mom from the long running cartoon series (American Dad), she stands among the big three in the cartoon world (Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin) and does really well to hold her own. However with Marge and Lois Griffin having a lot more rule 34 porn comics under their belt Francine is a bit further behind them on this list.

6. Beth Smith

Beth Smith is the hot Mom in the incredibly popular show ‘Rick and Morty‘. In our opinion Rick and Morty isn’t the most attractive art style, but rule 34 artists have been able to sex-ify Beth Smith in a way that has allowed her to get a very high ranking on this list. The personality of this MILF and the stories in general have given the porn comics featuring her a much different feel than the other Cartoon MILFs on this list.

5. Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin (the mom in Family Guy) is this high based on attractiveness alone, she’s THE redhead MILF that everyone thinks about in regards to Cartoon MILFs. Unfortunately most of the porn comics featuring her are really hit or miss, which is disappointing because Lois Griffin deserves some great rule 34 porn comics.

4. Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson is part of one of the longest running tv shows (The Simpsons) and unlike her Quahog counterpart she has some great rule 34 porn comics featuring her, and coincidentally one of the longest running porn comics as well. The Simpson porn comic series by TUFOS has some great short story porn comics featuring the blue haired MILF. All in all Marge Simpson probably has the largest catalogues in porn comics, however like Lois Griffin there are a lot of hit or misses so she’s not higher on the list.

3. Ann Possible

Ann Possible in the mom of Kim Possible in the hit spy tv show. Almost every single porn comic featuring Ann Possible is great from “Family Friendly” a swinging porn comic where Kim shares her boyfriend with her mom, to “Shego and Ann Possible” a short high quality yuri porn comic.

2. Maddie Fenton

Maddie Fenton is the mom of Danny Phantom in the hit sci fi cartoon tv show. Her character design (outfit especially) is S Tier. There are tons of extremely high quality porn comics of her, both short porn comics and episodic. Ghost Puberty – Chapter 3 and Maddie’s Unresolved Complex come to mind as especially good ones.

1. Helen Parr (Elastigirl)

Helen Parr is #1 on this list because she’s the perfect MILF, being the mom of The Incredibles. Her elastigirl body gives her a cheat code of having a perfect body and her great personality shines through in every comic. She has an abundance of amazing porn comics featuring other members of the incredibles!

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